30 Facts About Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds was an original member of the Magcon boys. He's a social media phenomenon best known for his Vine videos. If you’ve never heard the name before, maybe it’s time you learnt a few quick facts about this popular social media personality!

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10 Accidental Inventions & Discoveries

Most days we cruise through life not sparing a thought to where the many inventions in our life come from. Many of these inventions are purposeful, but a select few are accidental. So here are the top ten accidental discoveries & inventions!

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15 Finger Lickin’ Good Facts About KFC

KFC is one of the best known fast-food brands in the world with the colonel making appearances in over 115 countries worldwide, in over 18000 outlets. Even with the health-focused world we live in today, there will always be a place for fast-food. Here we’re going to look at 15 facts about the poultry prince and his empire.

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Goodbye Gun Emoji, Hello Water Pistol!

With the latest release of iOS 10, many of us are excited about the new features, but there's one question on everyone's mind... what happened to the gun emoji? And why is there now a water pistol? Read on for the facts, and the birth of the water pistol emoji.

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Marvellous Facts About Marvel Games

When it comes to gamers there's definitely a strong correlation between the love of playing anything and the love of comics, particularly Superheroes and anti-heroes. Here we’re going to look at some interesting facts about Marvel heroes who appear in their own game series.

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“Tell Me Some Facts About Siri”

Siri, another technological advancement that has made our lives drastically easier... or at least, it's designed to. As per all apparent leaps in technology we use them for the menial and the most nonsensical things we can think of, who hasn't asked Siri to tell them a joke or that you love them?

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10 Fun Facts About Princess Peach

She wears a pink dress and is often getting rescued by Mario, but surely there's more Princess Peach? Whether you’re wondering how she came about or you’re simply a fan of the games wanting to learn more, check out these top ten Princess Peach facts!

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September | Special Days of the Year

September is the ninth month of the year, and it is the only month to feature the same amount of letters in its name in English as the number of the month. September sure has some noteworthy facts surrounding it, as well as some excellent holidays in it. So without further delay, we'll jump right in!

The Most Expensive Cars in the World

Cars aren’t cheap as we are all aware, but none of the vehicles you’ve, more than likely, ever bought even scrape anywhere the boundary of the cars we're here to discuss today... Check out the world's 5 most expensive cars!

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30 Facts About The Olympics

Every 4 years nations across the world become riled up and suddenly develop a huge sense of patriotism, why? What causes this feeling? The Olympic Games. Here we’re going to look at 30 facts about this wonderful and downright mind-blowing experience!

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